About Us

RegoSearch.com has been designed to make your life easier when researching aircraft registration details.

At RegoSearch.com we have over 20 years experience in the aviation industry designing and implementing aviation related business systems.

Whether you are searching the Australian aircraft register, Canadian aircraft register, Ireland, New Zealand or an N number lookup for the FAA, our aircraft registration database has been designed to make it easy to find the aircraft registration number details you are looking for.




Latest News

Update - November 2015

We have updated our style a little to freshen things up, a new logo has also been up for a while.

Thanks to all those who have uploaded photos, we now have over 8,000 great photos uploaded by members.

Thank you for making RegoSearch a place to be.

Update - May 2013

Earlier this year we released to members the ability to upload photos, RegoSearch can also geotag your photo uploads, either by automatically reading the GPS data from the file, or you can manually update the GPS location on a map under your account admin page. This is a great way of seeing pictures of where an aircraft has travelled.

There is plenty more work being done behind the scenes with a bunch of new functionality coming soon.


Update - January 2012

Well it's been a busy year, lots of tweaks and performance enhancements all throughoutt the year, and now, we are happy to release membership......

Members can comment on aircraft, and soon upload photos......... and it's FREE!!!

More members only functionality coming soon....

Update - January 2011

Wow! It is 2011 already, time fly's!!

You may have noticed on the front page you can browse aircraft by country, it will list the manufacturer's alphabetically, then the model's available, and finally all the registrations for that particular model. There is also a breadcrumb trail as you search to make it as easy as possible to navigate. The N number lookup is interesting, there are over 40,000 manufacturers listed in the FAA n number register, these are mainly homebuilt / experimental aircraft.

Update - November 2010

We have been very busy building more functionality to further enhance our user's experience, and have just released the first in what will be an extensive article collection for aviation related information. See the home page for more information.

Update - June 2010

Aviation News!!!

RegoSearch.com now provides up to date aviation news feeds.

Check out the Aviation News page from the menu bar.

Update - May 2010

Ireland aircraft registration search now added!!!

We have also spent time tweaking various parts of the site, all designed to make you rego search easier, there are many small changes, and some big ones described below.

The rego search box now holds the registration prefix in place to help make it clear on what to enter in the aircraft registration search box.

You will notice the Advanced Search works differently and now contains more field options to choose from, these options are dependent on the country you are searching through as not all countries have the same data format.

Also, to make it easier to do your research, within the details and results page there are now links to predefined searches, you will see the manufacturer, model number and owner as a link, this link will list all results containing that model, owner or manufacturer. The fields set as links are dependant on whcih country you are searching.

The reason for this?

Each country has a different aircraft registration database, the content and naming conventions are different for each country, therefore the advance search and the results page links can be different.

All these changes are designed to make your aircraft registration database search easier yet more comprehensive than any other on the net.

We hope you like the changes, and a big thanks to you for using our site.